I'm author of a string of books including Human Sacrifice, Cannibals, Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook, How To Be Famous, and Hash Brownies. And my byline and work has appeared in over a thousand newspapers, magazines and online media all over the world, including The Independent, Financial Times, Sunday Express, The Guardian, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Express, Mail On Sunday, Best Magazine, Chat, How To Spend It, Maxim, Front, and The Sun.

I've also appeared on talk radio and TV across Europe and the U.S, and I also run a number of internet businesses.


But just in case anybody ever tries to offer me a job, I don't have any qualifications whatsoever (wasn't big on school), and never went to college. And the only employment I ever had in my life lasted about 18 months, and that often revolved around playing poker and drinking rum rather than actually working (which let's face it should be an anathema for any sane person).

Spookman (Satire)

Jimmy Lee