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Hugh Bonneville allegedly actor in UK super injunction who had sex (reportedly including anal sex toy) with middle-class escort Helen Wood

May 5, 2016

Hugh Bonneville strap on

According to a US publication Downton Abbey actor Hugh Bonneville allegedly took out a super-injunction in the UK in 2011 to stop his fans finding out he'd used the services of middle-class escort Helen Wood. Because of the gagging order all you can really say is it was a "family man" and a "renowned star." And again bearing in mind the injunction, it's important to say it might not have been Hugh Bonneville - it might have been Prince Charles or Jeremy Corbyn for all we know (though neither of them are "renowned stars"). Read more

Resisted the temptation of pissing on a cyclist

Apr 14, 2016

Rode my motorcycle over Waitrose in Eaton, south of Norwich, for a couple of things. But the morning was so damn nice, sunny and temperate, that I just kept going down into South Norfolk... running around the villages... and stopping to admire the view and toke on my vape pipe. Read more

Elton John alleged threesome story: Web sheriff notice I received

Apr 14, 2016

According to DailyMail.co.uk 150 people, who cited Elton John as the person who supposedly (and reportedly) took out a super-injunction to stop an alleged sexual threesome story he indulged in being published in Britain, have been served with take-down-your-web-page notices from a B2B firm calling itself Web Sheriff. I was one of them, and the Web Sheriff email notice is pasted below. Presumably the celebrity in question, whoever that might be, has enlisted the services of the Web Sheriff.

If it was Elton John - but for legal reasons I'll say it was more likely David and Samantha Cameron - the reason the British press want to publish the story is that Elton John and his man-wife David Furnish continually placed media stories and photos of themselves, and their two young adopted kids, as a white-than-white, perfect same-sex couple. So it's all to do with the hypocrisy and ugly self-importance of the rich and famous. Read more

Elton John sex allegation: "He offered me cash to stick acupuncture needles through his cock while talking rough to him and snorting cocaine," said biker Mental Mick

Apr 8, 2016

The following story about Elton John may or may not be true - just like the recent story that Elton John supposedly had a threesome with a couple and has put out a super injunction to stop it being talked about in the British media, in order to protect his two young kids and his man-wife David Furnish. In America the National Enquirer published the threesome story and named the entertainment star, and it's all over social media now. But it might not have been Elton John (at least that's what people in Britain are obliged to say and think). Maybe it was David and Victoria Beckham? Or David and Samantha Cameron? Who knows? But you can't say it was Elton John because there's a super injunction enforced about naming the celebrities in question. So let's be clear, the story below is anecdotal and is just something I heard via the grapevine. It may or may not be true. Read more

Cromer and broken down MZ TS250

Apr 6, 2016

MZ TS250/1

Last Friday I rode over to Cromer from my base in Norwich, partly to wear in my new tyres which I'd had fitted Wednesday, and partly because it was a temperate sunny afternoon. I was on my 1998 Yamaha Virago, which I'd bought a couple of weeks back. It only had 6,000 miles on the clock and had the original tyres (original everything, in fact), which got through the MOT, but it's hard to be confident in such old tyres, however good condition they are in. And the new ones made a hell of a difference grip-wise, especially in the wet.

Anyway, I called in at Road Kill Customs. But I was a bit late and they were about to close, so only time for a quick chat. I then rode into Cromer, managing to go down a one way street because I was looking for somewhere to park...so I aborted mission and shot off down the Overstrand Road.

En route I noticed a biker had broken down on the other side of the road. I found a place to u-turn to see if I could help - or at the very least provide some company while he endeavoured to get his machine going again. Read more